How do I get my floor really clean?

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A clean floor is the heart of a well-maintained home. But it’s often not that easy to really clean the floor thoroughly. Different flooring types require different care, and the right technique can make all the difference. Here you will find out how to get your floor really clean and which tools are particularly effective. A particular focus is on the use of a vacuum robot.

The right preparation

Before you start the actual cleaning, you should remove any coarse dirt and dust from the floor. This makes the cleaning process much easier and prevents dirt from being spread around when wiping.


A good vacuum cleaner is essential for removing loose dirt and dust. A vacuum robot like the Narwal Freo X Ultra can do this task efficiently and automatically. It navigates independently through your rooms and ensures that even hard-to-reach places are cleaned.

Thorough wiping

After the dust is removed comes the mopping. It is important to use the right cleaner and the right technique in order not to damage the floor and to achieve a thorough cleaning.

Selection of cleaner

Depending on the floor covering, you will need different cleaning products:

  • Wooden floors: Use a special wood cleaner that does not damage the wood and moisturizes it.
  • Tiles: An all-purpose cleaner is usually enough to remove dirt and stains.
  • Laminate: Look for a cleaner that doesn’t leave residue and doesn’t cause the floor to swell.

Wiping techniques

When mopping, you should be careful not to get the floor too wet, as this can cause damage, especially to wooden floors and laminate. A well-wrung mop or a robot mop that controls the amount of water is ideal.


Regular mopping prevents the accumulation of dirt and ensures that the floor always looks well-groomed. Highly frequented areas should be mopped more frequently.

Narwal Freo X Ultra: The all-in-one solution

The vacuum robot from Narwal is not only a powerful vacuum cleaner, but also an effective mopping robot. With its dual functionality, it offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for all floor types.

Dual functionality

The Narwal Freo X Ultra can seamlessly switch between vacuuming and mopping. First he vacuums up the loose dirt and dust before mopping the floor. This ensures that the floor is thoroughly cleaned and no residue is left behind.

Intelligent navigation and control

Thanks to its advanced LiDAR navigation, the Narwal Freo X Ultra can efficiently navigate your rooms and avoid obstacles. The easy-to-use app lets you create cleaning schedules and monitor progress.

Self-cleaning system

After each cleaning session, the robot returns to the base station to clean and recharge itself. This significantly reduces maintenance requirements and ensures that the robot is always ready for use.

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Tips for effective floor cleaning

  1. regularity: Vacuum and mop your floor regularly to prevent dirt from accumulating.
  2. Dirt trapping mats: Place dirt trapping mats at entrances to reduce dirt from outside.
  3. Follow care instructions: Always follow the floor manufacturer’s care instructions to avoid damage.
  4. Remove stains immediately: Remove stains immediately to prevent them from setting.

Different floor coverings and their care

Wooden floors

Wooden floors require special care to maintain their shine and durability. Use special wood cleaners and avoid excessive moisture. A robot vacuum can help remove daily dust and dirt without damaging the floor.

Tiled floors

Tile floors are robust and easy to clean. An all-purpose cleaner is often enough to keep them clean. However, be sure to clean the joints regularly as dirt can accumulate there.

Laminate floors

Laminate also requires special care to prevent swelling and damage. Use cleaners that leave no residue and be careful not to mop the floor too wet.

Carpeted floors

Carpets can be cleaned with a powerful vacuum cleaner. A robot vacuum cleaner with strong suction power and special brushes can effectively remove deep-seated dirt and animal hair.


A clean floor contributes significantly to a well-maintained home. With the right cleaning products, techniques and tools like this vacuum robot from Narwal, you can ensure that your floors always remain in top condition. Invest in quality and efficiency to optimize your cleaning routine and keep your home sparkling.

No matter what type of flooring you have in your home, with the right care and equipment, you can create a clean and inviting living environment. The Narwal Freo X Ultra offers an innovative solution that combines both vacuuming and mopping in one device, making your life much easier.

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