Concept of Embezzlement and Penalties in UAE

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Criminal crimes are categorized into misdemeanors, felonies, and infractions. They are rather serious crimes that result from heinous acts or intentions.  Moreover, they may have resulted in serious repercussions like loss of death, serious damage, grievous loss, injury, and much more.

A felony may include extreme actions like murder, manslaughter, physical assault, aggravated abuse, kidnapping, and the list goes on. They are termed as the highest and most serious that can lead to jail sentences, heavy fines, the death penalty, and so forth.In the UAE all such Criminal activities are categorized under the Federal Decree-Law. The law was issued to deal with serious criminal activities. Advocates in Dubai can help you while understanding the punishments and fines.

Under the law, crimes like Felonies are punishable crimes. The conviction of a misdemeanor could result in penalties and other punitive actions. Penalties including retaliation (Qisas), death penalty, life imprisonment, jail sentencing, or temporary imprisonment could be an outcome.Furthermore, Embezzlement also falls under the broader category of breach of trust. It is a criminal offense. The Penal Code of UAE fully covers it.Emirati Legal Consultants in Dubai, also offers the details on penal codes, new laws, amendments etc. They do offer several social media channels and profiles.

Embezzlement means when an individual legally acquires assets and subsequently misappropriates the assets using fraudulent means. The UAE has a proper legal framework that addresses embezzlement.Primarily, in the UAE embezzlement is found in the provisions. The provisions address breach of trust. According to the provision of the UAE Penal Code, a person may commit a misdemeanor. This may include money, assets, or documents. It may be based on a deposit, lease, mortgage, or loan that can be used for consumption. An agent may have caused damage, harm, or loss to the owner.

As a result of a misdemeanor, the harm is caused to the rightful owner. Such a crime could lead to imprisonment of up to 3 years. It may be attached with a hefty fine.The term “agent” is vividly defined in the law of UAE. An agent is an individual who is assigned the property for management or handling when there is more than 1 owner. He is also known as an intermeddler. The law further explains the different situations and scenarios. For instance, where a person takes possession of lost property that originally belonged to someone else or someone knowingly takes possession of an asset or property. 

Besides, possessions may be taken as a result of force majeure or mistake. All such types of situations may result in heavy fines or imprisonment. It could lead to a jail sentence of up to 2 years. Additionally, a charge of AED 20,000 is also imposed. Embezzlement can take place between different Family Members owning the same asset, money, or property. The Federal law Concerning the Criminal Procedural Law addresses this matter. 

It clearly outlines that no criminal action can be initiated due to the direct breach of trust. For action to be taken, a proper written or verbal complaint needs to be launched. It should be launched by the victim or any legal representative like a lawyer or legal consultant.The law states the Penalties for Various Embezzlement Cases in the UAE. The UAE Penal Code addresses such types of situations more clearly. In cases where an individual embezzles or attempts to embezzle any movable property could result in penalties. 

Moreover, embezzles related to a mortgaged property or a property declared as collateral for a debt can also result in punitive actions. The UAE has a robust legal system that supports the accountability of predators. There are proper Legal Procedures and Penalties: according to the law to handle such criminal actions.

Nevertheless, a breach of the trust may be initiated as a result of a complaint from the victim or the legal representative. As a result of the judgment, the UAE Penal Code empowers the public prosecution. According to the UAE penal Code, Embezzlement is a serious criminal offense that could lead to some serious legal consequences.  

The law may address the different situations and announce various penalties. The legal process makes sure the criminal action is served properly as per the law. A deeper understanding and knowledge of the legal facets will assist the country at large. It will contribute towards a more fair, just, and transparent legal environment for everyone. 

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